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Leader's Speech

Leader's Speech

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  • Time of issue:2021-07-01 09:51:01
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  Dear colleagues from all walks of life,new and old users and dear friends:
  may never meet;maybe pass by;maybe friendship is very strong;maybe deep in your sunshine and rain;maybe in the future you can welcome charcoal in the snow.No matter who it is,I am always grateful.It is difficult for us to repay your favor;we are afraid of failing your expectations.We have been working hard,trying to find a path that makes you happy.
  On behalf of Linshu Rongxin Enamel Co.,Ltd.,I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to all customers and friends who support us,and to extend my warm greetings to our future partners!
  "People-oriented,sincere and trustworthy"is the core value of our company."Efficient and sustainable development"embodies the company's sustainable operation philosophy."Professionalism,standardization,and timeliness"are the criteria we must follow to serve our customers."Unity,hard work,dedication""It is a true portrayal of the positive and enterprising people of Rongxin Enamel,who are willing to repay their spirit.In today's enamel product brands emerge in endlessly,competition and promotion methods are based on the same fierce competition.What is a good brand,how to market,how to achieve a real win-win situation with customers,these are the questions we have been thinking about at Rongxin Enamel.
  We firmly believe in honesty:because only honesty is permanent!
  We firmly believe in progress:because only by continuous progress can we survive and develop and keep pace with the times!
  We firmly believe in innovation:because only by constantly innovating and accepting new things can we develop better!
  The market economy is like a net.It focuses on good products and eliminated inferior products.Therefore,if a product wants to have a foothold in the market,it is not enough to rely on good publicity.High-quality product quality and good quality Reputation is the key.Linshu Rongxin Enamel Co.,Ltd.is one of the manufacturers of enamel products.It has a strong production scale,processing technology,production equipment,professional personnel and marketing team.Linshu Rongxin Enamel Co.,Ltd.has entered a customer-oriented new economic era.
  In the market competition,we are faced with globalized competition laws and standards.Only truly outstanding companies can win in the competition.Therefore,we can’t just stay in yesterday’s success.We should continue to make efforts and carry forward.At the same time,we need to change all business concepts and behaviors that do not adapt to the market development trend,further stimulate the passion of employees and the vitality of the organization,and give full play to Our ability to innovate,constantly surpass ourselves,create a source of vigorous development,and rapidly enhance the core competitiveness and industry status of the company!
  We know that the development of an enterprise is inseparable from the hard work,dedication and labor of all employees.Therefore,I hope that each of our employees can give full play to their abilities and talents and always be full of positive work enthusiasm.Play a due role in promoting the future success of the company!
  In order to achieve higher goals,we still need to go a long way.We are well aware that only by adhering to our tenet"high quality and quality service",and relying on the strong support of new and old customers and friends from all walks of life,as always,cooperation and sincere participation,we can achieve success!Here,on behalf of Linshu Rongxin Enamel Co.,Ltd.,I would like to express my sincere gratitude and lofty respect to all the hard-working employees and friends from all walks of life!

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