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  Enterprise goals:create value,benefit mankind;sustainable development,serve the society;industry serve the country,science and technology revitalize the nation!
  Corporate strategy:Establish core competitiveness,build corporate brand,and cast industry status!
  Corporate slogan:Accept the challenge,keep pursuing,persevere until success!
  Challenge is the cradle of success.If there is no challenge in life,although it is real,it lacks a wonderful thing;it is stable,but life is invisible,greatly reducing the chance of tempering!
  Challenge breeds agitation.Only by constantly challenging ourselves,new excitement will continue to appear;only by constantly facing challenges,new motivation will continue to burst out!
  Challenges must involve risks.The philosophy of life tells us:Failure is a beneficial exercise in life,and it is also a necessary process for a person to grow up!
  Challenges come from life.In spirit,the challenge is expressed as being brave,never giving up,and constantly motivating;in learning,the challenge is expressed as being hardworking and enterprising,reducing ignorance,and constantly improving oneself;in work,the challenge is expressed as overcoming difficulties,conquering oneself,and forever Not satisfied,always strive to do better!So as to continue to add brilliance to one's own life,from which to dig out the essence of life,and pave the way to success!
  Challenge is actually a wealth.Only by accepting the challenge and constantly pursuing can we have a full life and experience the beauty of life!
  The greatness of a person lies not in what he does,but in what he wants to do and what he does for others!Today,Rongxin enamel not only brings you a way to get rich,but also opens a golden avenue to success for you.We sincerely hope to advance hand in hand and walk together with you to create a more brilliant and brilliant tomorrow together!

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